Make a chatbot on raspberry pi that starts talking when it recognises you, the demo is here:

Most educational robots available today run on small computers which include raspberry pi, Jetson, and arduino which are amongst the most popular.

Some of the added functionalities we are going to look…

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For anyone who wants to train their own AI chatbot, you will need to understand how NLP chatbots learn from the data you provide it.
We are going to train a sophisticated chatbot that learns all the words you provide it and attempts to form it’s own sentence.

The chatbot is trained through a simple text file that contains the question and answer data. The NLP chatbots abilities will be understood and also what it’s limitations are.

The idea is to train an NLP chatbot through a question and answer text file, without the need for any sophisticated programming.

The NLP chatbots grasp the data YOU feed it with, and attempt to answer , any questions asked.

For example you may feed an NLP chatbot with:

Q) Are you a bot?

A) I am a bot

Q) Am i a bot

A) You are a human

Q) I do like you

A) You do like me

And the moment of truth, when you ask the chatbot a question it hasn’t seen before:

Q) Do you like humans?

The answer all depends on the training data you feed the NLP chatbot


Check out the answer I got:

Without feeding the training data with the question

“Do you like humans”

it answered:

“I am a robot like human”


​First you will have to prepare your environment to run the code.

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NLP Chatbot Preparations

Ok so first thing is first.

Let us prepare the necessary packages that can create the chatbot AI model and run it.

It is recommended to run a virtual environment so it does not affect your base environment.


Lets install anaconda:


Let’s setup the…

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